The FLIR ONE thermal imaging camera for smart devices opens up a whole new world of iOS and Android app creation. It's time to reclaim revolution.

FLIR's revolutionary FLIR ONE ( brings thermal imaging to the mass consumer market for the very first time, and we're challenging developers around the globe to compete for prizes by creating the most innovative, fun and useful thermal apps imaginable!  What would you do with your superpower?

Hackers, come make some app magic happen with us!  

FLIR ONE is a smartphone accessory that puts thermal imaging into the palm of your hand and we'll provide everything you need to transform your creative ideas into innovative and cool smartphone apps via our website:

   a) iOS and Android SDKs 

   b) Development simulators in the SDKs (for those that don't have FLIR ONEs)

   c) Online training videos for working with thermal imaging and using our dev tools

   d) Getting started guides and other development tools

   e) Free developer technical support via email or online forum

If you decide to take your solution to market we may also be able to help you with that!  

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To be eligible to participate in the Challenge, you must be:

  • above the legal age of majority in your state or country of residence, with a minimum age of 18 years of age, as of the date of Submission, and
  • a permanent legal resident of any country except one of the following counties: Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, France, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Libya, Liberia, Malaysia, Mexico, Myanmar (Burma), North Korea, Philippines, Poland, Quebec, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, and elsewhere when restricted or prohibited by law.
  • Regarding teams of eligible individuals:
    • Maximum team size is 5 eligible individuals;
    • teams of eligible individuals entering on behalf of organizations (including corporations, not-for-profit corporations and other nonprofit organizations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and other legal entities) that exist and have been organized or incorporated at the time of Submission, and employ no more than 50 people (“Organizations”) are eligible;
    • teams of eligible individuals entering on behalf of Organizations that employ more than 50 people (“Large Organizations”), though Large Organizations are only eligible for the Large Organization Recognition Award described in Section 7 of the posted rules.

(Important - please review the posted contest rules for more details about eligibility!)


Participants must do the following to participate in the Challenge: 

  • Register for the Challenge on the designated Challenge Website and by clicking the “Register for this Hackathon” button. To complete registration, sign up to create a Devpost account, or log in with an existing Devpost account and complete and enter all required information. 
  • Participate in the Challenge by creating a working, native smartphone application that integrates with the FLIR ONE via a FLIR ONE SDK available at, and includes features having to do with thermal imaging. 
  • Complete and enter all of the required fields on the “Enter a Submission” page of the Challenge Website (each a “Submission”) during the Challenge Submission Period, and follow the instructions to submit your Submission.
  • Create a video that includes footage that clearly explains and demonstrates your application’s features and functionality through a comprehensive demonstration.
  • Release a functional version of the application (if available) to the Poster for review using one of the methods described in the contest rules. This can be either a pre-production/beta release or a production release. 

(Important - please review the posted contest rules for more details about submission requirements!)

How to enter

1. Join the FLIR Developer Program and download the iOS or Android SDK (

2. Create an Apple or Android developer account

3. Take online training for working with thermal imaging and FLIR's platforms and tools (free @!)

4. Create or join a team and enter your project into this DevPost event

5. Create your hardware or software project 

6. Submit your project for consideration online to this DevPost event (see guidelines below)

7. Stay tuned for feedback from FLIR and the announcement of our finalists the week of January 18th!


Cal Loo

Cal Loo
FLIR Developer Relations Manager

Bruce Cumming

Bruce Cumming
Director of Marketing

Mike Walters

Mike Walters
VP of Product Development

Mike Dolinar

Mike Dolinar
CEO & Chief Computer Scientist

Renato Untalan

Renato Untalan
Strategic Program Manager/Novacoast

Judging Criteria

  • How innovative the app is.
    Includes the degree of innovation demonstrated either in the use of thermal imaging or in the creation of the solution.
  • User experience and design.
    Includes how beautiful and elegant the solution is in terms of how it looks to the user and how easy it is to use.
  • How well it works.
    Includes the extent to which the solution does what it is supposed to do.
  • Potential impact.
    Includes the extent to which the solution could impact users of thermal imaging products in terms of scope and/or scale.


  • IoT